Wednesday, February 27, 2013

bangs-an endless battle

Every year I go through about a million different phases with my hair.  I am never satisfied with how it looks until I look back at pictures of it. (which is always after I change it, yet again)  In February, I always want to cut blunt bangs across my forehead.  Seriously, the thought crosses my mind EVERY February.  I must have some haircut internal clock or something going on.  Well, here I am again, February 18th sitting at my office dreaming about leaving work and having the guy over at Hair Pollution give me some bangs.  I've printed pictures, looked at old pictures of myself with that hair, and have come to the conclusion that it is time.  I haven't cut my hair like that since last February.  I cut it that one time last February and then didn't touch it until today. (hopefully)  My bangs have grown out to just above my chin.  Maybe it's the fact that I'm feeling like a bad ass listening to The White Stripes or that my dirty unwashed hair is in a top knot yet again because my bags look like big chunks of grossness on the side of my head or maybe I've looked at the Free People catalog one too many times today but it is time.  Again.  Here's a little before and after action for your viewing pleasure.  Also to hold me accountable so I actually do this once I leave work.  BAM!

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  1. you look adorable with bangs!
    p.s. cute blog :)