Monday, September 9, 2013

this knot in my stomach will go away.

For 2 months we were back on track.  We were happy, open, honest and giving to each other.  I was also delusional.  In those moments I felt happy but now that it's gone I see how lost and wrong I was.  You had been lying to me this whole time and acting disrespectful.  I knew the whole time but somehow validated it in my head.  Somehow, I convinced myself that I deserved it and that it will eventually stop.  I kept hoping that you would start showing interest in my life.  That last conversation we had on the phone really opened my eyes to how little you know about my life.  We had been together for 3 years and you have no idea what I do when I'm not around you.  You made up your mind that I do nothing and have no passions, but have you ever asked me?  No.  You have no idea that I am passionate about yoga and go to classes about twice a week or more if I can.  You have no idea that I am looking into the teacher training for yoga.  You have no idea that I have an etsy shop that I sell things on.  You have no idea that I have a blog that I write my feeling in.  You have no idea that I meet up with a meditation group every Monday or volunteer with a Phoenix Co-Op.  Just because I don't act or sing or play in a band doesn't mean I don't have passions.  My passions do not have to be the same as yours to make them worthy.  Your ignorance will get the best of you. 

I am starting fresh as of today.  I deserve respect from my significant other.  I deserve someone who takes an interest in my life and meeting my friends and spending time at my house.  I deserve someone who wants to compromise.

The idea you have in your head of who I am is so wrong and I just can't care anymore.  You will never really listen to me and you will never really respect me.  You don't know how to respect people.

Our relationship will never get better.  You will never find happiness with the way you currently view relationships.

This knot in my stomach will go away. And I am strong enough to forgive you with time but for now I need to get away.

Friday, September 6, 2013

as you get older

It's so strange when you see someone doing something wrong.  When I was a child and I saw someone doing something wrong, I didn't want them to get away with it so I would tell on them in hopes that they would get in trouble and be punished for what they did.  As I get older I realize that when I see someone doing something wrong, I don't want them to be punished for it, I want them to make the realization for themselves that they are better than that and make the change.  I want people to want to be good to others.  I want everyone to respect each other.  If you love someone, you should respect them.  I have never understood why someone could lie and deceive someone that they love.  I see it happening and I hope with all of my being that you will fix this and be a better person.  Please.  Please be good to one another.  Please treat each other with respect.  Understand that upsetting someone with the truth is better than that person finding out that you have been lying the whole time.  You can't earn back trust as easy as you can forgive someone for a decision you don't agree with.  Please be good to the people you love.  They deserve it and so do you.

Monday, June 24, 2013

lake day

This summer has been full of adventures.  It seems like every weekend is full of exciting things to do.  A few weeks ago (yes I know this post a little late), my work closed down for a Friday and took a group of us out to Lake Pleasant to hang out on the pontoon boat, jet skis, and (attempt) a little wake boarding.  Lucky for me, I work with my mom and one of my close friends so my mom, dad, brother and 3 of my favorite friends were along for the day.  It was so relaxing being out on the water, listening to country music, drinking beer, and laughing with some of the funniest people in Arizona.  It made the 105+ degree weather bearable for a little while. I can't wait to go back. This is quite the photo heavy post so I will put the rest of the pictures after the break!  Check them out if you want!
Casey and I on top of the Pontoon Boat.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

the middle way

 I have been reading a lot about Buddhism and recognize that a lot of the values involved with the religion reflect values I have in life or that I am striving towards.  I am not going to become a Buddhist but it's comforting to see that there are people out there who want the similar things in life that I do.  People who are looking for the desirable balance between two extremes in their life.  The Golden Mean or the Middle Way.  I have been really interested (borderline obsessed) with reading about this idea in philosophy.  There are so many cultures that have information and there own version of this.   

I don't want to be insensitive or unkind to others.   I want to be awake.  I want to be a great friend, girlfriend, sister, daughter, employee, and student of life.  I want to be aware of my impact on the earth and my impact on other people.  I want to learn everything I can possibly learn.  I want to be able to trust the people I am closest to and I want them to be able to trust me.

Today I can honestly say that I am really happy.  My life is in a constant transition.  I am growing and learning and exploring.  I am making mistakes.  This is not a bad thing because I am becoming who I want to be and I am doing things that I want to do.  Things are not perfect, I can name two things that have been on my mind for a few weeks now that I need to either start working on or cut the ties and let go of but everything else is pretty positive in my life.  The toxic people that were in my life are all gone and I am filled with a lot of love from my friends.

Below are some photos from a show I played with a local punk band at a really amazing venue and my little brothers graduation from High School.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

bangs-an endless battle

Every year I go through about a million different phases with my hair.  I am never satisfied with how it looks until I look back at pictures of it. (which is always after I change it, yet again)  In February, I always want to cut blunt bangs across my forehead.  Seriously, the thought crosses my mind EVERY February.  I must have some haircut internal clock or something going on.  Well, here I am again, February 18th sitting at my office dreaming about leaving work and having the guy over at Hair Pollution give me some bangs.  I've printed pictures, looked at old pictures of myself with that hair, and have come to the conclusion that it is time.  I haven't cut my hair like that since last February.  I cut it that one time last February and then didn't touch it until today. (hopefully)  My bangs have grown out to just above my chin.  Maybe it's the fact that I'm feeling like a bad ass listening to The White Stripes or that my dirty unwashed hair is in a top knot yet again because my bags look like big chunks of grossness on the side of my head or maybe I've looked at the Free People catalog one too many times today but it is time.  Again.  Here's a little before and after action for your viewing pleasure.  Also to hold me accountable so I actually do this once I leave work.  BAM!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

comfort zone

My brain works in funny ways.  I am definitely a creature of habit.  I don't like to step out of my comfort zone very often.  I like my routine, my friends, my favorite places to eat, and my favorite bar to hangout at.  I live in an area that is populated by a lot of musicians.  I am always in awe of the musical talent I am surrounded by.  I love to go to shows and support my friends who are in bands. (a good chunk of them are in bands)  I never really thought of joining a band myself.  The idea of it has always freaked me out.  I play two instruments...kind of 3 instruments, the flute, the piccolo, and the piano.  I can admit it, I am talented in the music department.  I have a really great ear. I've been able to hear a song and then mimic it on the piano since I was about 4 years old.  But the idea of "jamming" on my flute or the piano with other people has totally freaked me out.  I think I am too worried about what other people will think or too self conscious, or just reluctant to step out of my comfort zone.  Last month I was presented with the opportunity to play with a local band that has been around for awhile and help them create "orchestra" versions of their songs.  For whatever reason I was feeling daring that day and agreed to do it.  Our first practice was two weeks ago. I faced my fears and went, not knowing what to expect.  It was fun but I was too nervous to really know if I was doing anything right.  So our second practice was the other day and it was a smaller group of people in a smaller practice space.  It was a practice with four of my friends that I consider really great musicians.  Needless to say I was a nervous wreck.  I was the only concert instrument that showed up that wasn't a guitar so you could hear me. (I guess that's the point?) Anyway, I was horribly nervous for about half of the time and then finally started to get the hang of it.  I'm totally addicted now.  I can't wait for the next practice.  I feel so inspired.  I just want to write songs and play music all the time.  Stepping out of the comfort zone is something I am really trying to make a point in doing more often and so far it's paying off.  I will keep everyone updated as we practice more. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Some of my favorite days are the ones I spend moving nonstop.  Yesterday was a prime example.  I love the days that are most productive.  So for example, yesterday I woke up early and couldn't fall back asleep so I went for a run and showered and ACTUALLY fixed my hair.  (I'm talking curling iron status) Then went to work and got a whole bunch of things done and left around 5 to go pick up a friend and rush off to band practice.  Then left band practice feeling great about the progress we made and picked up a burrito to go and scarfed it down at home and cleaned for about 45 minutes.  Then left for a bar called Lost Leaf to meet a friend for a drink and then returned home an hour and a half later and went to bed.  It was a good day.  What is your ideal day?  Do you have certain days that are unusually busy for you?  Also, below is a picture of my burrito from yesterday.  Yeah, it's bigger than my head.  I'm already dreaming about the leftovers for dinner tonight.